The Grass Ledge Box features attractive, natural looking grass in a beautiful modern anodized metal planter. The grass will enhance the beauty and d├ęcor of any home or office space. This ledge box will not only provide high-quality sound, but it is also very easy to use and portable.

12"H x 12"W x 6"D



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Grass Ledge Box

Gorgeous, Natural Looking Plants and Trees

PlanterTech products feature botanically correct designs that use soft-touch foliage and fashion-forward planters. Our life-like greenery will add beauty to any living or work environment. Our plants and trees require no water or sun, will not drop leaves or attract bugs and they are hypoallergenic. Our plants and trees can be placed anywhere in your home, or office, or patio.

High quality sound

Our audio systems are optimized to operate in the environment created by the plant container. The speakers and electronics have been designed to achieve the best possible audio performance. The result is that you get great sound without having intrusive or unattractive electronic devices cluttering your home, or office, or patio.

4 Hour Charge

Our ledge box and 4' floor plants feature a lithium battery pack that will provide up to four hours of continuous music on a single charge. You can take your PlanterTech ledge box with you to the patio, out by the pool or carry it around the house to have great sound wherever you want it!

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology allows your Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or computer to connect wirelessly to your PlanterTech sound system. Pairing is simple and fast. You get exceptional sound quality without needing unsightly wires and cables.


PlanterTech ledge boxes or our 4' floor plant are portable. Simply charge the internal battery from any USB charging source and take your gorgeous plant with you for great sound!

Connect your music

Your PlanterTech sound system allows you to play music from your stored music library or stream music from one of the many on-line sources like Pandora, Slacker Radio, etc. You can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want!